UAE, Kuwait and Singapore update travel guidelines for Indian travelers


Planning to travel to the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait or Singapore? If so, you should consult the revised travel guidelines issued by said countries. According to reports, they have announced some changes in travel protocols, and here are all the details you need to know to travel to these countries.

UAE travel guidelines

The United Arab Emirates has updated its travel guidelines for those coming from India. Those who have been fully vaccinated will now be exempt from RT-PCR testing before they depart to travel to India from the United Arab Emirates. Passengers are, however, advised to upload their India-issued COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate on the Air Suvidha portal, while others are required to bring a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test report, which they underwent. 72 hours before. their journey, and also upload it to the Air Suvidha portal.

Additionally, passengers will be thermally screened, and if anyone is found to be symptomatic, they will be treated in accordance with the new guidelines.

Travel tips for Singapore

Reports indicate that Singapore Airlines (SIA) has updated its guidelines for those arriving from India via VTL (Vaccinated Taxiways) flights. They will also need to provide their travel history for the past 7 days. Also, if they have been in Singapore within the past 7 days, their stay in Singapore will count towards the 7-day travel history requirement.

Kuwait travel tips

Kuwait has also updated its travel guidelines. Under the updated guidelines, passengers with valid travel documents will be allowed to enter Kuwait regardless of their vaccination status.


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