Rajasthan issues new guidelines amid rising Covid cases


Jaipur, November 26 (IANS): The government of Rajasthan issued new guidelines on Friday amid the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in the state, officials said.

Under the new guidelines, students will not be required to take offline courses at schools and colleges, and educational institutions will have to organize both online and offline courses.

The institutes had halted online classes after the state government previously allowed schools and colleges to operate at 100% capacity.

Eventually, students were forced to attend offline classes due to which the number of Covids continued to skyrocket as students became super spreaders.

Under the new guidelines, prayer meetings in schools have been banned.

Also, the canteens will remain closed until the next directions. It will be mandatory for all staff to get stung with the two doses of the Covid vaccine.

The RT-PCR test of students from other states has been made mandatory. In addition, they will have to undertake a quarantine until the test report is released. Institutes where Covid positive patients are reported will have to be closed for 10 days.

The new guidelines mentioned that it would be mandatory for all students to obtain written permission from their parents or guardians to take offline lessons at school.

In addition, arrangements will need to be made for the online study of these children.

Drivers of buses, cars, taxis, etc. coming to the institute must receive the two doses of vaccine.

Students and staff will be authorized according to the vehicle’s capacity.


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