Lost airport jobs, Marriott time off


The rapid global spread of the coronavirus since its first disclosure in China less than three months ago has caused an unprecedented shock to the global economy.

In the airline industry, more than 1,500 contract workers have been made redundant at La Guardia, Newark Liberty International and John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union, which represents more than 10 000 airport service workers. in New York and New Jersey.

The union and more than 50 elected officials from New York and New Jersey are demanding paid sick leave, health care and layoff protections for contract workers in any federal bailout for the airline industry, which has requested more than $ 50 billion in rescue assistance last week. Contract workers make up 30% of airport workers nationwide, according to the union.

Luerica Fiffee, a JFK passenger service representative and mother of seven, said she was fired on Thursday. “I put my heart and my soul into this job,” Fiffe said at a tele-newspaper conference. “We need people to take us seriously. “

In the hospitality industry, Marriott International Inc. has said it will put thousands of company employees on leave at its US headquarters and around the world. The move, first reported by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, comes on top of recent massive payroll cuts that began last week.

The world’s largest hotel company, like many of its peers, is trying to cope with falling demand due to the coronavirus.

Marriott said on Sunday it was putting about two-thirds of its 4,000 employees on leave from its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. It also puts about two-thirds of its staff on leave abroad; it has approximately 174,000 employees worldwide. The holidays are expected to start in April and last up to 90 days. The company said it plans to bring all staff back when it can.

The company told President Trump last week that it had started cutting back hours and putting what could eventually become tens of thousands of workers at its hotels.

Around 750,000 people wear Marriott badges around the world.

US hotel companies are asking for $ 150 billion in direct government assistance for their workers.


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