Clark’s Hann Casino Resort places sustainable design at the heart of its expansion



The expansion of the Hann Casino Resort, formerly known as Widus Hotel & Casino, in the Clark Free Zone in the Philippines, incorporated nature and sustainability as central to its design, according to the owners of the property.

With the smooth opening of Hann Casino Resort in a few days, Hann Group this week unveiled new details that guests can expect to find in the property, including a design based on the mountains and forests of the province. of Pampanga and materials from sustainably managed forests and plantations.

The resort was designed by Aedas Interiors Limited HK – the same company responsible for Hong Kong Midfield Concourse International Airport and Langham in Shenzhen – with minimalist clean lines and geometric shapes in the reception areas embodying various layers of views. in nature, creating an effect of “comfort and curiosity”.

“The integration of Clark’s rainforests and famous mountain landscapes into the development’s interiors keeps the Hann Casino close to the hearts of the locals, while creating a refreshing experience for foreign guests,” said Alan Hamilton, director of Aedas Interiors Limited HK.

The materials used in decorating these areas are FSC Chain-of-Custody certified, said Hann Group, which means the path for sustainable building materials from forests has been mapped and verified, while the use of paint Singapore Green Building Product certified guarantees the paint has met green standards and is durable.

“The use of these products ensures that Hann Casino has minimal waste, less energy consumption and less impact on the environment as a whole,” the company said.

Hann Casino Resort has also installed an Underground Air Distribution System (UFAD) in its gaming areas and parking lot, through which air is supplied through the floor and exhausted through the ceiling.

“This means the casino air is continually cleaned of pollutants including tobacco smoke, volatile organic compounds and, critically, airborne pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. that causes COVID-19, “said Philip J. Thoburn, CEO and CTO of engineering firm Forsspac.

“With UFAD, the air in the customer space is continually replaced by the floor and all airborne pollutants and pathogens are removed by ceiling extraction. “

In other areas of the development where conventional air conditioning systems are used, all recirculated air is filtered and diluted with pre-treated outside air. With these systems in place, Hann’s management ensures compliance with local requirements regarding COVID-19.

“With the design of Hann Casino, we want to prioritize environmental sustainability and the quality of the customer experience,” said Daesik Han, President and CEO of Hann Philippines Inc.

“We will continue to prioritize the internal health of our developments even after the passage of the acute crisis of the pandemic. “

The first phase of the Hann Casino Resort expansion project will cover 130,000 square meters and include a “world-class gaming space” as well as 380 hotel rooms on 19 floors, specialty restaurants, outlets, a swimming pool, executive lounge and event venues like ballroom and banquet halls.



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