Alspec’s double-glazed framing minimizes noise at the Rydges Gold Coast Airport hotel


One of the most important expectations of an airport hotel room is the ability to exclude outside noise so that you can get a good night’s sleep. When noise levels are important, look no further than Alspec’s premium aluminum framing products with their noise reducing properties.

For the team that built the new hotel development at Rydges Gold Coast Airport, the answer was simple: Alspec’s acoustic and double-glazed framing with noise-reducing properties.

Located at Gold Coast Airport, on the border of Queensland and New South Wales, the Rydges Hotel is only a short walk from domestic and international terminals. Designed by NRA Collaborative, the hotel offers 192 rooms on six levels with a choice of coast or lobby views, as well as access to a rooftop bar, downstairs dining area and swimming pool equipment. Each bedroom has floor-to-ceiling windows, with upscale corner suites featuring wraparound glass to maximize views of the neighborhood.

Considering the proximity to the airport, noise reduction properties were a crucial selection criteria for the materials used in the construction of the buildings to help create quiet and quiet rooms for travelers.

Several types of aluminum frames from the Alspec range have been specified to meet this requirement, including the Hunter Evo 150mm acoustic, the Hunter Evo double-glazed and the double-glazed central pocket ecoFRAMEplus.

The Hunter Evo Acoustic Frame features two 19mm glass pockets with 100mm air space, which minimizes sound transfer between the exterior and interior of the hotel. Crafted from architectural grade aluminum, this frame is also highly resistant to the elements and the flush finish adds to the appeal of the facade.

Alspec’s ecoFRAMEplus double glazing is a center pocket style of framing with superior strength mullions, making it ideal for larger glass surfaces such as lobbies and convention rooms, while providing soundproofing qualities.

In addition, Hawkesbury multi-ply commercial doors and Swan Evo 45mm double glazed commercial doors have been selected to provide easy access to exterior ground floor amenities. Multi-ply doors operate smoothly using tire floor guides along concealed channels, allowing a wide opening to connect the pool area to the adjacent restaurant and bar, and creating a relaxing recreation area interior Exterior.

Swan Evo doors were specified for locations where hinged or pivoting doors were required. The central pocket glazing and tough components make them ideal for hospitality and hospitality environments from a safety and durability standpoint.

Alspec products used at the Rydges Gold Coast Airport hotel included a Derwent 76mm center pocket frame; double-glazed frame with ecoFRAMEplus central pocket 101.6 mm; double-glazed frame with 150 mm ecoFRAMEplus central pocket; Hawkesbury multi-fold commercial door; Hunter Evo 101.6mm single flush glass surround; Hunter Evo 101.6mm double-glazed frame; Hunter Evo 150mm double glazed frame; Acoustic frame Hunter Evo 150 mm; McArthur Evo 101.6mm Center Pocket Frame; High performance ProGlide sliding doors; and Swan Evo 45mm Commercial Storefront Doors.

Applied finishes: Duratec Zeus Monument Matt, Electro Dark Bronze

Photography: Troy Sanders


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